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Swimming and Computer

semi-overcast 85 °F

Three days ago I woke up and then me and my mom went down to breakfast and came up and stayed in our room for awhile.then we went to this weird ancient fortress city and it was so hot.we got some tickets and we went to a place for lunch and there was this awesome like parrot.then we went down because I wanted to do archery so i got a ticket to do archery and then i did archery and then i got an ice cream then but it was actually green tea.i wanted to get a taxi and go because it was really hot but my mom wanted to stay so i ended up doing this really fun papermaking and i made some paper and painted on it "respect your father and mother' but i didnt know what it said to later.then i made a ceramic pot but i had to leave it there.then i made a fan and got really caught up in that.and then i went to this thing where it said you could taste 5 kinds of tea but they ran out of tea but they let me make some cookies and my mom bought some although we didnt eat any. then we went to the swimming pool.then we swam a little bit.then we went to dinner at these peoples house and we gave them the cookies as a present.we went back to the hotel and skyped my dad and brother and went to sleep.

Monday, we got up and had our usual yummy breakfast and then we were late my mom's only day working and then i went on the computer for 2 hours, then we went swimming, then we had lunch and then we went back to work and i went back on the computer for another 2 hours.then we went to with Yanny to this huge weird supermarket and then Yanny's parents got me this really awesome white and black jacket and 3 ponytails.then we watched a movie. then we skyped my brother and dad again.

Today, my second to last day in Korea. I woke up.my daddy skyped at 7:02. i think my mommy was asleep but i woke up but then at 8:30 my dad skyped again and then my dad told me that my brother won the soccer championship and that he got head lice.also my friend Lyla's birthday party was next monday.i will be back from Korea by then and so i am excited and i really want to go.then we went to this spa swimming place for a few hours. then we drove to a place where my mom could get money from the bank.it took an hour. luckily she had a friend to help her because if not it totally wouldnt have worked. then we met another friend and our our stuff in his car and we drove to Seoul National University where my mom had a talk.then we went to find our new hotel room (we left the other hotel in the morning).my mom got me this book on the ipad called Beastly. it is a really good book.i recommend you might want to read it.then after we got settled in our hotel room we went to dinner and i read beastly and we came back to our hotel room and yeah here we are. this may be my very last day blogging.but i might blog about the airplane back home.


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The Nanta performance

in Seoul

storm 75 °F

today I wake up again at 8:40 and so I am upset as usual.but oh well, my mom ditched me out of bed again.then today we got breakfast and then we took a taxi to the train.we took the train to Seoul where we met my mom's friend and his son.my mom's friends brought us on a train, but it was the wrong train so we got on another one.and then we walked and had lunch and I didnt eat anything.well I ate some rice.

after lunch we went down to a big shopping place called Insadong and I bought a couple presents for my brother.i cant tell you what they are because my brother probably reads my blog and I dont want him to know.after his birthday August 28, I can tell you all.i got a dragon luck charm for my self and a little stamp that stamps my name in Korean.i got some more awesome things for my brother.a little later I wanted to get some ice cream and when we go there the ice cream man scooped it up in a long scooper and just as he was about to give it to you he would whisk it away and turn it upside down.it was really fun.the ice cream was chocolate and some kind of nut.i took some pictures of Seoul, the DMZ and stuff.some are not from today or yesterday but we just are managing to get them on my blog today.

then we went to a Nanta performance, which was awesome.there were five people.one was the waiter and then his nephew came and the waiter wanted his nephew to be a chef.the chefs had to make a cake by 6:00 pm (this isnt the real time, they put a fake clock).they made music with kitchen things and sang.the there was a a big battle with the chefs(except the girl).there were 3 boy cooks (including the nephew) and one girl.they had forgotten to plug in the oven so at 6pm the cake wasnt ready.It was like flat dough in the pan. So the nephew brought in a huge microwave. They started drumming and singing on the microwave (It was cardboard). The microwave sprung open and the cake was huge. at the end of the performance they through bouncy balls at the audience. The girl would bat them back at the audience.my mom said I couldn't keep them. But she was wrong, later we found out it would have been OK.then we went to dinner.i didnt like any of the food so I got kind of wild but then it got settled in the end.we took the train back and my moms friends got off and we kept going.i had a little pouch of sugar to eat.when we finally got back into our room it was 11:00. We fell asleep.

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The Wonderful Yet Terrible Day

rain 76 °F

Today I woke up at 8:40 (way too late). Then we called my brother and Dad on skype and then talked to them a little bit. Then at 9:17 I was telling my mom we should go to breakfast but she did not listen. I went on Club Penguin and she went in the shower and then we decided to go to breakfast. My mom said they might close at 10. She went down to check and then I went down later but it was closed and she wasnt there. So then I went to the lobby and she wasnt there so I went back up to the breakfast place. When I got there the elevator door opened and my mom came in and then we sent back to the room. We missed breakfast. I got really mad at her. We got our bathing suits and went down a side alley to find breakfast. After breakfast we got our hair cut. I asked if I could get my hairy curly but she just cut it too short. It didnt look anything like the picture. Then we got a taxi and went to Kyung Hee University and went swimming for 40 minutes. Then we left and we went to lunch at a little restaurant in the same building as the swimming pool. Then Jong Seong came in with his son and they said they would be in the parking lot waiting (I didnt eat anything because it was disgusting). We drove to the Korean folk village and that was very fun. And here is the long and fun story of the Folk Village.

When we go there I put on my devil's ears and I pretended I was a devil running around and using the umbrella as my stick. Then we went into the river where there was a stone bridge that went across and I played there and got my shoes all wet, which was fun. Then we heard some drums and neighing. We went to a performance where guys did a bunch of tricks on the horses. It was really, really amazing.and then we go some tickets to ride the horses that were doing tricks and the guy that was leading mine after awhile he let go so I was alone on the horse.since the horse was really well trained it brought me around the ring to the end and stopped so I could get my picture taken.before i road on the horse, there were some people at a camera camp who take pictures of people and things and they all took a picture of me.i thought that was really fun.after that i went back down to the river and i played on the rocks again. then we went to some stores and i get a meal thing attached to a string that you could put your fingers through it. what you do is whirl it around really fast and it would be this whirring sound and so that was really cool and i bought it.and then we went to the other side of the lake and they had some swings that you swing with your feet on and i went there for awhile. then i started pretending i was a horse because i really liked the performance and i really love horses.

after all of that and i pretended i was being chased by the devils, we went to an amusement park and we went on a little ride on these boats that was pretty much just enjoying the plants. I liked it. Then we went into a tunnel with weird noises. it was funny and fun. before we went into the amusement park we went into a haunted house. you walk down a really dark place and there were fake people that jump out.there were vampires and wearwolves and blood and stuff. On the way out there was a really loud noise and I screamed. after eating a lot at the VIP restaurant, me and Elliot, that was the boys name, played tag. it was more like hide and seek tad. when our parents told us it was time to leave we still played but instead of tagging each other we would say some part of our body like our foot or our shoe or our knee or our head or our hand or my watch. we would just say those and we would have to try to tag them and it was fun. we got to our hotel and Elliot wanted to come up and see our room but his brother who is 13 years old was waiting at home by himself so they had to go.so yeah. that was how my day was. it was a wonderful but terrible (because we missed breakfast) day.


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Swimming in Korea

rain 75 °F

Three days ago we got picked up from our Hanok house and our friends had a big car. my seat had no seatbelt so I had fun not being buckled up in that car. then we drove 4 hours up into the mountains. we stopped once to get gas and eat something and another time to look at a view. When we finally got to our destination, Seoarak mountain National Park, we were going to hike into the forest and we did. But before that we walked down to the river and I went swiiming in my jeans and my shirt and it was really really fun. And I chased the fish with my eyes open. and then we walked down into the forest and then we saw a big pile of rocks. mee and my mom learned that they were called wishing rocks. You make a pile and make a wish and hope it comes true. We walked a bit further and we found another pile and then I made more piles. I didnt actually make wishes, I just liked making the piles. we turned back and then went to the top of the mountain on a tram. Some of us hiked up to this big rocky place and we saw some rock climbers. at the edge of the rock on the other side there was just a total drop and my mom got really scared every time I got close. there was no fence and that is pretty much why my mother was scared. we found some tadpoles in some stone pools and I took some pictures that I might be able to get on the blog. after getting all yelled at by mother because I went too high for my weird mama, then we went down. We got some food.

After my mom and her friends went up to eat up somewhere. me and Yawny my friend snuck around and we got some sugar packages (my idea) and I hid them in my money bag. and no one ever noticed. and then we went down the tram. i wanted to go back into the river but everyone said tomorrow so we went to dinner and then to our hotel up in the mountains. it was wooden and very big. it was 2 stories and very big.

The next day we went to the ocean beach near N. Korea and then beach was really fun except for the fact I couldnt open my eyes because of all the salt. Then after awhile Jay hoon. Yawnys brother, caught some jelly fish from the ocean. I touched one but luckily it didnt sting me. They were really fun. and then me and Yawny made a sand castle kind of. But it got broken up eventually.

Then we had lunch and a shower and we didnt have time to go back to the stream and I got really made because i wanted to go back swimming. after that we drove 4 hours to our hotel in the city of Suwon where our friends live. and our hotel was so awesome. everything was automatic. we didnt know that we had to show our card to the elevator so we went up and down until someone explained it to us. In the room you had to slide your card in a slot next to the door to keep the electricity on. It was really cool. We had our own bathroom and stuff.

The next day we got up and I had snowy, my little seal with me, and then we went down to Chefoos buffet. It was so good. I got lots and lots on my plate. It was very delicious. And then we went down and our friends picked us up and we went to Yawny's school for a 1 hour calligraphy class. I didnt like it because when we were doing calligraphy I was writing in Korean. In one of my pictures I was making up some random language. I mixed some paint to make some pink and I started dotting on top of where the words were from up to down. When I was half way through Yawny took her brush and started dotting randomly around. I got mad but didnt show it because I didnt want to hurt her feelings. But I got mad and left the room and went outside because I was mad. I sat on a ledge thing near the car. And after that got settled we saw a dancing thing (at Yeonys school, too). Then we went to Kyung Hee university. And then I went to Yawny's house and saw her house. It was kind of nice but mostly I read the deathly hollows Harry Potter book. And then later we went to the world cup stadium to watch a game. I was cheering not for the Koreans but the Nigerians. the NIgerians lost 2 to 1. That was kind of sad. We walked back to our hotel. There was sort of big confusion because we didnt really know where to go and some girls gave us the wrong direction. When we go there we met a player from Nigeria. He spoke several languages and was really cool. He didnt seem sad about losing the game he seemed calm. Then I took a bath with snowy and I pretended I was on a romantic cruise. After my bath I couldnt sleep with her because she was really wet so I had to wrap a towel around her and put her in a chair. But yeah.

Then this morning we got up and I cleaned up the room and made the bed and then after having another wonderful breakfast we got a taxi and went to Kyung Hee university. I was reading my book the whole time. Then our friend picked us up and moved us. I got on the computer and played Club Penguin and my mom went somewhere else to meet the president of the university. Then they brought us to another office that says "Visiting Professor A". my mom was joking that it stands for Audrey. so yeah. we came in and now I am doing my blog since my mom said I had to. and then I am going to go swimming again so I am really happy.

When Yawny, her mom and her brother come to pick me up to go swimming, I am pretty excited. We are pretty much going to a gigantic spa, which at first doesnt bother me. so when we get there (I read on the way) there are two open doors into locker rooms. first we take out a key for the shoe places that has a number on it and the number was given to us from the person at the information place. we put our shoes in the first locker and then we go to a second locker and we put our clothes and stuff there (of course we wear our bathing suits). I change into my bathing suit. When I go into the one of the places where you are supposed to wash up after you go swimming, everyone is naked, which really disturbs me. then me and Yawny go down to the pool. the pool is really fun. It has a couple slides. it has one gigantic red one but that one is closed. The main one has water flowing around and around so it is kinda hard to stay in one spot or go around the other way. I go down the slide headfirst. a couple times I race down the slide with Yawny. then we all went down together and we went down again with Yawny's brother again- triple. and that was really fun.after we wash up, we go hunting for restaurants for dinner Yawny's mom keeps looking at these restaurants and asking me if I like them.i really dont want to be rude and we finally go one that serves only chicken. The chicken is really spicy but I really like it, too.and then we leave and go back to the university and go see my mom. Then me and my mom get into another car and Yawny's dad drives us back to the hotel. When we get into our room I am kind of hungry so we go back down into the lobby (the first floor) and we go to an Italian place and I get some spaghetti that is pretty big so me an my mom share it. I also order some peppermint tea and I really like it. there is also this singer that I really like now because in between songs she was always smiling at me.afterwords we went and talked to her a little bit. She asked me my name and told me her name.we came back and I hugged snowy and then I decided to write on my blog.


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Shopping in Korea

sunny 86 °F

today we went on anther tour and this time there were more people on the bus and a new tour guide who i didnt really like.we went to a buddhist temple and i prayed to the dead and then we went to see 4 very large bells and one of them summoned the spirits of the aquatic animals and one of them summoned the spirits of the underground animals, one was for spirits of the on the ground animals and one was for the birds.then we went to the Royal Guard Changing Ceremony at the Gyeongbok palace. and then we went inside the palace and walked around the queen's garden.and then we went to the National Folk musuem.there was a dumb children's musuem but we didnt go in there because I thought it was too stupid.instead we went to see the imitations villages with a wedding, kids at a birthday, a kitchen that looked like it had alive fire, kind of.and then we went to the musuem shop when we got to the noisy part of the museum.we bought a lot of things(the tour guide had to get us because we were too deeply shopping)we got some things maybe for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!whoever you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We passed by the Presidential Blue house and I almost got a picture but I totally failed.then we went to the amethyst center. Amethysts are the country's favorite gem stone. They are kind of purple. I wanted to buy a tree of gems but it was $198 and I thought it was 198 won. But I kind of find out it wasnt.at lunch I had a horrible beef thing but I had two bowls of rice, which I loved.we went to the Insadong market which i really loved because they had everything and we bought a few more million things. And I bought candy when my mother wasnt looking.it was 1000 won, which is very, very little. The person I bought it from didnt speak each English. But she said it was 1000 won.

and then we went to the Changdeok palace.the very first thing I saw was a gigantic bug that was 2 inches long and 1 inch wide and it was brown and it blended in with the tree. It sounded a bit like my mother, rather annoying sometimes.we heard them everywhere all the time.we dont have this sound in davis and I am glad.we went inside and we saw the queens room, the kings room and king's girlfriends rooms.we wanted to see the Queen's secret garden but it was hot and it cost extra money. instead we went into an awesome little cafe where I got some strawberry ice cream.i ate it with a little stick with a 2 little ovals at the end, it was plastic. I pretended I was a small puppy with brown curly fir and there was a great Dane chasing me all over the place.once I hid between some gigantic doors and the Great Dane could not get me because he was kind of fat. He never tried to bite me when I was near my master, my mom.i got that idea because I saw a man with a little dog running after him.the Great Dane was like Scooby Doo but except it wasnt as awesome and it couldnt talk.

then we were going to go to another shopping spot but I wanted to come back to the hotel so we got our stuff from the bus and got in a taxi but he kicked us out and told us to go across the street and get another taxi and ditched us.then we got the taxi and now we are home.the host switched our room and now we have our own bathroom.it is better because now my mother wont trio over things on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night and wake people up like she did last night.we wanted to see a kitchen show, but they are all booked so instead I decided to write on my blog and then go on webkinz, do you know what webkinz is?

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