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I am finally here in Korea and on the plane ride here it was really fun.me and my mom got a boost up to business class, and we each got to spend half of the time in business class.I got the first half of the plane ride and the plane ride was 10 hours long. I am mostly drank sprite. in business class you could lower your chair all the way into a bed and there were these two kids movies I watched.Ratatouille and Toy Story 2.There were also even games on the movie screen and there was a remote to control it.I wanted to do it but there was not enough time before me and my mom switched.On the second half of the plane ride in economy plus, one of the guys who was next to me treated me like a baby and the other one ignored me except when I told him he was sitting on my seat belt.when we got to Korea one of my moms friends(who was Korean obviously) picked us up.we went to a Hanok house and at the very first thing that happened was that i walked into our room laid down on my bed and my mom asked if i was sleepy is said no pulled a very thin blanket over me that looked a lot like a sheet and fell asleep.

I woke up at 12:00 that night and my mom walked in the moment i woke up.At first I don't think I knew that I had fallen asleep and then i wanted to kind of look around but my mom wanted me to go to sleep.Then I decided to read my book but i decided not to turn the light on in our room because I thought I might annoy my mother. Then a little while later I heard thunderstorm outside and it was raining really hard and so I went out there in my socks and just got all wet and enjoyed the rain and then I remembered Mimi the rabbit who was outside the courtyard. I played with her for awhile and went back inside the courtyard. I noticed that the lightening was right in front of me so i began to get a little scared because i was worried the place would light on fire because we are staying in a very old wooden house. So then I went inside and read a little bit longer. And then I went outside again and lightening struck me- well, at least I think it struck me. I didn't exactly feel anything. I came inside and read again and massaged my mom for 15 minutes, changed my sopping wet clothes. By now it was 4:30 in the morning so I went to stayed up a little longer and went to sleep.

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