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Shopping in Korea

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today we went on anther tour and this time there were more people on the bus and a new tour guide who i didnt really like.we went to a buddhist temple and i prayed to the dead and then we went to see 4 very large bells and one of them summoned the spirits of the aquatic animals and one of them summoned the spirits of the underground animals, one was for spirits of the on the ground animals and one was for the birds.then we went to the Royal Guard Changing Ceremony at the Gyeongbok palace. and then we went inside the palace and walked around the queen's garden.and then we went to the National Folk musuem.there was a dumb children's musuem but we didnt go in there because I thought it was too stupid.instead we went to see the imitations villages with a wedding, kids at a birthday, a kitchen that looked like it had alive fire, kind of.and then we went to the musuem shop when we got to the noisy part of the museum.we bought a lot of things(the tour guide had to get us because we were too deeply shopping)we got some things maybe for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!whoever you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We passed by the Presidential Blue house and I almost got a picture but I totally failed.then we went to the amethyst center. Amethysts are the country's favorite gem stone. They are kind of purple. I wanted to buy a tree of gems but it was $198 and I thought it was 198 won. But I kind of find out it wasnt.at lunch I had a horrible beef thing but I had two bowls of rice, which I loved.we went to the Insadong market which i really loved because they had everything and we bought a few more million things. And I bought candy when my mother wasnt looking.it was 1000 won, which is very, very little. The person I bought it from didnt speak each English. But she said it was 1000 won.

and then we went to the Changdeok palace.the very first thing I saw was a gigantic bug that was 2 inches long and 1 inch wide and it was brown and it blended in with the tree. It sounded a bit like my mother, rather annoying sometimes.we heard them everywhere all the time.we dont have this sound in davis and I am glad.we went inside and we saw the queens room, the kings room and king's girlfriends rooms.we wanted to see the Queen's secret garden but it was hot and it cost extra money. instead we went into an awesome little cafe where I got some strawberry ice cream.i ate it with a little stick with a 2 little ovals at the end, it was plastic. I pretended I was a small puppy with brown curly fir and there was a great Dane chasing me all over the place.once I hid between some gigantic doors and the Great Dane could not get me because he was kind of fat. He never tried to bite me when I was near my master, my mom.i got that idea because I saw a man with a little dog running after him.the Great Dane was like Scooby Doo but except it wasnt as awesome and it couldnt talk.

then we were going to go to another shopping spot but I wanted to come back to the hotel so we got our stuff from the bus and got in a taxi but he kicked us out and told us to go across the street and get another taxi and ditched us.then we got the taxi and now we are home.the host switched our room and now we have our own bathroom.it is better because now my mother wont trio over things on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night and wake people up like she did last night.we wanted to see a kitchen show, but they are all booked so instead I decided to write on my blog and then go on webkinz, do you know what webkinz is?

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Hi Audrey and Pam-
You are certainly busy and seeing much more than we did when we were in Korea. I am surprised you even have time to go on webkinz, whatever that is. We love following your travels through your eyes so do keep up the blogging!
Love, Baba Trish

by Baba Trish

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