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The Wonderful Yet Terrible Day

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Today I woke up at 8:40 (way too late). Then we called my brother and Dad on skype and then talked to them a little bit. Then at 9:17 I was telling my mom we should go to breakfast but she did not listen. I went on Club Penguin and she went in the shower and then we decided to go to breakfast. My mom said they might close at 10. She went down to check and then I went down later but it was closed and she wasnt there. So then I went to the lobby and she wasnt there so I went back up to the breakfast place. When I got there the elevator door opened and my mom came in and then we sent back to the room. We missed breakfast. I got really mad at her. We got our bathing suits and went down a side alley to find breakfast. After breakfast we got our hair cut. I asked if I could get my hairy curly but she just cut it too short. It didnt look anything like the picture. Then we got a taxi and went to Kyung Hee University and went swimming for 40 minutes. Then we left and we went to lunch at a little restaurant in the same building as the swimming pool. Then Jong Seong came in with his son and they said they would be in the parking lot waiting (I didnt eat anything because it was disgusting). We drove to the Korean folk village and that was very fun. And here is the long and fun story of the Folk Village.

When we go there I put on my devil's ears and I pretended I was a devil running around and using the umbrella as my stick. Then we went into the river where there was a stone bridge that went across and I played there and got my shoes all wet, which was fun. Then we heard some drums and neighing. We went to a performance where guys did a bunch of tricks on the horses. It was really, really amazing.and then we go some tickets to ride the horses that were doing tricks and the guy that was leading mine after awhile he let go so I was alone on the horse.since the horse was really well trained it brought me around the ring to the end and stopped so I could get my picture taken.before i road on the horse, there were some people at a camera camp who take pictures of people and things and they all took a picture of me.i thought that was really fun.after that i went back down to the river and i played on the rocks again. then we went to some stores and i get a meal thing attached to a string that you could put your fingers through it. what you do is whirl it around really fast and it would be this whirring sound and so that was really cool and i bought it.and then we went to the other side of the lake and they had some swings that you swing with your feet on and i went there for awhile. then i started pretending i was a horse because i really liked the performance and i really love horses.

after all of that and i pretended i was being chased by the devils, we went to an amusement park and we went on a little ride on these boats that was pretty much just enjoying the plants. I liked it. Then we went into a tunnel with weird noises. it was funny and fun. before we went into the amusement park we went into a haunted house. you walk down a really dark place and there were fake people that jump out.there were vampires and wearwolves and blood and stuff. On the way out there was a really loud noise and I screamed. after eating a lot at the VIP restaurant, me and Elliot, that was the boys name, played tag. it was more like hide and seek tad. when our parents told us it was time to leave we still played but instead of tagging each other we would say some part of our body like our foot or our shoe or our knee or our head or our hand or my watch. we would just say those and we would have to try to tag them and it was fun. we got to our hotel and Elliot wanted to come up and see our room but his brother who is 13 years old was waiting at home by himself so they had to go.so yeah. that was how my day was. it was a wonderful but terrible (because we missed breakfast) day.


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