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The Nanta performance

in Seoul

storm 75 °F

today I wake up again at 8:40 and so I am upset as usual.but oh well, my mom ditched me out of bed again.then today we got breakfast and then we took a taxi to the train.we took the train to Seoul where we met my mom's friend and his son.my mom's friends brought us on a train, but it was the wrong train so we got on another one.and then we walked and had lunch and I didnt eat anything.well I ate some rice.

after lunch we went down to a big shopping place called Insadong and I bought a couple presents for my brother.i cant tell you what they are because my brother probably reads my blog and I dont want him to know.after his birthday August 28, I can tell you all.i got a dragon luck charm for my self and a little stamp that stamps my name in Korean.i got some more awesome things for my brother.a little later I wanted to get some ice cream and when we go there the ice cream man scooped it up in a long scooper and just as he was about to give it to you he would whisk it away and turn it upside down.it was really fun.the ice cream was chocolate and some kind of nut.i took some pictures of Seoul, the DMZ and stuff.some are not from today or yesterday but we just are managing to get them on my blog today.

then we went to a Nanta performance, which was awesome.there were five people.one was the waiter and then his nephew came and the waiter wanted his nephew to be a chef.the chefs had to make a cake by 6:00 pm (this isnt the real time, they put a fake clock).they made music with kitchen things and sang.the there was a a big battle with the chefs(except the girl).there were 3 boy cooks (including the nephew) and one girl.they had forgotten to plug in the oven so at 6pm the cake wasnt ready.It was like flat dough in the pan. So the nephew brought in a huge microwave. They started drumming and singing on the microwave (It was cardboard). The microwave sprung open and the cake was huge. at the end of the performance they through bouncy balls at the audience. The girl would bat them back at the audience.my mom said I couldn't keep them. But she was wrong, later we found out it would have been OK.then we went to dinner.i didnt like any of the food so I got kind of wild but then it got settled in the end.we took the train back and my moms friends got off and we kept going.i had a little pouch of sugar to eat.when we finally got back into our room it was 11:00. We fell asleep.

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Hi Audrey-
I have enjoyed reading about your itinerary and your reactions to the various adventures. The photos are wonderful and we look forward to having you home and here at Camp Ronald!

Baba Trish

by Baba Trish

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